The wind is gusting. The city is your partner and your muse at the same time and you have a sense of belonging all of a sudden. The bright cold city, in grayscale, turns its crisp geometries into lines: a perfect equilibrium between now and soon. Every experience in your city is extremely personal, you're then and now blend and they complete each other like a future forward puzzle. What are your thoughts? You think the city and its seasonal landscapes are not things, but living characters that become part of your story. METROPOLice is your story.

Image 9


Design: Alina Craita, Sandra Petrusca, Lorena Dumitrasc

Photography: BreakDown Pictures

Models: Stefan Hamza, Anita Badea from MRA Models Agency

Mua&hair: Viorela Calota

Accessories: snob. and Holy Fashion

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